Gift of Liveliness | Bowing Down Home


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AS - Archie Stewart

AS: You get some kind of a message from your music through the people. I've seen this happen. I've seen at a dance hall where the people would be all sittin' around and nobody would be up dancin', and the thing'd be pretty quiet and not much goin' on. A certain fiddler would come in and pick up that fiddle and start to play, and in five minutes that dance floor was full. Now there was another fiddler sittin’ up on the stage playin' all the time, in the meantime, he was sittin' up there playin' and nobody was movin'.And this certain fellow would come in and pick up that fiddle, and start to play and in five minutes, the people are all up dancin'. Now that's gettin' the feelin' of your music through the people. He gave them people the urge to get up and dance.