West Prince Fiddlers Club - Conflict Over Room on Dance Floor | Bowing Down Home


File: westprincefiddlers-oh-olddays_fights_M.mp3

Seated L-R:

JA: Jack Arbing

GO: George O'Connor

ER: Elmer Robinson

DR: Dorothy Dalton Rogers]

KP: Curator Ken Perlman


JA Used to be great fights at the dances.

KP What were they over?

ER That used to be quite a tradition around here.

GO Everybody'd have a white shirt and tie. And the first thing: bang, crash and nothing but the collar left when they got through with it!

ER That’s why there's no dances today.

JA New shirts are too expensive! And you didn't get paid for fighting

KP What did people fight about?

GO No trouble at all to find a reason.

ER No trouble at all to get started.

DR The thing I can remember is they used to speak for the place for the next dance. You’d be dancing and some feller would come along and say, “Can I have your place next time?” To dance: he didn't want the girl, he just wanted that place. When the dance was all over then, somebody would come and take it and then the war would be on.

KP What do you mean take their place on the dance floor? There wasn’t enough room for people?

DR There was four couples on the floor. Well then, there'd be four more for the next dance. And someone would be scared they wasn't going to get a place to dance. So they’d come and ask to get the place for the next time.

KP Oh, I see.

DR Then someone would step in and take it, and the war would be on.

ER That would cause trouble. I don't think we 'll fight now over a place to dance. That's all over with.