Square dancing dropped in Tignish | Bowing Down Home


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DP – Dennis Pitre

KP – Curator Ken Perlman

DP: There’s no change much since 15 years ago. Everything is the same. We play in the Hall Saturday Night, for the Saturday Night Dance. And we play pretty well once a week for the senior citizens at the at the manors, for old people.

KP: And I see you’re playing at the Fire Hall.

DP: Yup. That’s every Saturday night we have a dance there.

KP: You said that just recently people are not eager to get up and do the square dancing any more..

DP: No, I think they just don't remember how to do the square dance. Because I think they'd really like it if they got involved; it's a fun dance! Sometimes the women, they all get around in a circle and make the flux part.

KP: Ladies in the Center?

DP: They do that by themselves on a fast song, when we’re singing fast songs, but it seems nobody wants to get up when we play for it. That’s a change yeah, for sure.

There are a lot more young fiddlers than there was 15 years ago. Elaine Wedge and Keelan Wedge are teaching fiddle. Someone comes in from Summerside to teach the young ones too. The young ones now have so many sources to help them pick it up.